Parking Guidance Systems are installation intensive. Traditionally:

•    Each sensor is enclosed in a plastic box.
•    The sensors are mounted on the ceiling and/or under cable trays.
•    Cable trays and/or conduits and/or trunking are used to wire them to the rest of the system
•    In many applications the ceiling is too high. In such cases the system must be suspended.

This type of system results with a messy array of conduits, clamps, cable trays and clusters of sensors hanging down and going around various obstacles.

We at Joint Venture Electronic Systems have developed The unique PGS Trunking system that provides a full solution to the installation of our Parking Guidance System:

•    A neat and professional, aesthetically pleasing system.
•    All sensors and indicators are embedded in the trunking system.
•    Steel enforced main trunking channel provides for suspended system.
•    The system comes with host of accessories catering for neat branching, curving and intersections.
•    Low cost!
•    Most of the installation can be prepared at factory level, further reducing the cost.
•    Easy to maintain – Units are effortlessly extracted out and clipped in

Sensor ready to be clipped




PGS Trunking components

The Trunking profile

The Trunking is industrial grade 50mm X 50mm with 2mm wall thickness PVC trunking. One unique feature of the PGS trunking is the steel enforcement slot. The steel ribbon is inserted into the slot and guarantees no vertical sagging. JVES offers the trunking in various colours.

Trunking profile

The steel enforcement prevents any horizontal sagging


Joiners are used to discreetly hide stitches between two sections and to prevent water entry at the same time.


Bottom view of Joiner in use

Branching and turning

JVES has developed an easy way of branching and curving. L elbows T branching and four way intersections can be easily constructed using the Side Connector:

Side Connector



Side connector application for L turning



Side connector application for T turning

Side connector application for full intersection

Conduit entry

In order to provide a neat top entry to the system we developed the Conduit entry adaptor.

The conduit entry adaptor can be used as follows:

1.    20mm conduit entry point.
2.    25mm conduit entry point.
3.    Suspension adaptor.

Conduit adaptor

Conduit entry using the adaptor

Rod entry using the adaptor


Other accessories

End cap

Used to seal the system at open ends and to attach ends to walls

End cap application



Wiring holder

During wiring and before the system is closed, the Wire Clip is used to keep the wire inside the trunking.

Wire holder

Wire holder application



Material Technical and Safety data sheets (PDF)

Ecostab 6333G TDS


Ti-Pure R900

SABS Slotted Trunking test report

Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa