standard-bank-pics1.jpg The Standard Bank building in Rosebank is a brand new, state of the art building located in the center of one of the South Africa's busiest business hubs.


The Parking spreads over 5 levels with approximately 800 bays per level. It includes Visitors, VIP, Wheelchair and Hybrid bays (Bays with charging facility) None of the bays are allocated.


A parking Guidance system is essential for such a building:

  • Searching for an empty bay somewhere between 800 other bays in a level, then, if not found, venturing into another level can be a long and frustrating process. The Parking Guidance System will reduce this effort to next to nothing.
  • To help the floor management with the day to day running of the facility.
  • To provide the management with accurate statistical information so that over subscription policies can be made based on actual data.
  • Last but not least, the Diamond Parking Guidance System is most cost effective system available.


We believe our system was chosen due to:

  • Exceptional accuracy – When guiding drivers around 3800 parking bays, misdirections are unexplainable.
  • Aesthetic look – The Standard Bank building in Rosebank is modern and beautifully designed, The Diamond Parking Guidance system with its installation system was the obvious choice.
  • Lowest energy consumption - The Standard Bank building in Rosebank was designed to be the greenest building in South Africa. With a consumption of 300mW per sensor and 5W per Numeric display, the Diamond Parking Guidance System is the greenest on earth.



Site Detailsmoveforward.jpg

  • 3800 parking bays over 5 levels
  • 180 indoor numeric displays (100mm)
  • 40 outdoor numeric displays (200mm)
  • 15 outdoor numeric displays (300mm)
  • 45 ZoneBuffers
  • 5 BlockBuffers




 Indeed – We are moving forward !!


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Parking1.jpgParking2.jpgParking3.jpgParking4.jpgParking5.jpgParking6.jpgParking7.jpgParking8.jpgParking9.jpgParking10.jpgParking11.jpgParking12.jpgSign1.jpgSign2.jpgSign3.jpgSign4.jpgSign5.jpgSign6.jpgvisability 1.jpgvisability 2.jpgvisability 3.jpgVisibility1.jpgVisibility2.jpgVisibility4.jpgVisibility5.jpgVisibility6.jpgVisibility44.jpg




High ceiling installation.jpgInstallation 1.jpgInstallation 2.jpgMenAtWork 1.jpgMenAtWork 2.jpgMenAtWork 3.jpgMenAtWork 4.jpg


BlueOrangGreen LED.jpgLED Blue for Paraplegic.jpgLED Orange for Hybrids.jpgLED White for visitors.jpg

Before PGS Installation

Before PGS 1.jpgBefore PGS 2.jpg

Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa