Located in the center of Tel Aviv, The 28 story Phoenix house is the head office of the Phoenix Insurance company. It also houses a prominent TV channel as well as few trade offices.

Site details:

  • 256 parking bays, in two levels
  • 8 Numeric displays
  • 2 ZoneBuffers
  • 2 Power supplies
  • Control room

All the sensors are of split configuration due to wide columns. The numeric displays have been placed at the entrance to each lane, giving the driver occupancy information on approach.



The building management decided to close passages in order utilize the space as extra parking. By doing so, 8 dead ends have been created. In order to prevent drivers from entering a lane just to find out that it is full and then reverse, the management decided to install Parking Guidance System.





36 parking bays have been added with a small investment.







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General Pic3.jpgGeneral Pic4.jpgGeneral Pic5.jpgReserved Pic 1.jpgReserved Pic 2.jpg



Paraplegic Pic1.jpgParaplegic Pic2.jpg



Detection Pic1.jpg


Way Finding

Numeric Pic1.jpgNumeric pic2.jpgNumeric Pic3.jpg



Installation Pic1.jpgInstallation Pic2.jpg


Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa