Newly constructed shopping mall in the fast growing town of Yavne. The mall will accommodate shops, medical suites, offices and a supermarket.

It is heart warming for us to note that Parking Guidance Systems are becoming a norm, that even suburban shopping malls are installing them.





Site details

  • 300 parking bays, over three levels
  • 3 Numeric displays
  • 3 ZoneBuffers
  • 1 BlockBuffer
  • 6 Power supplies
  • Control room

For this site, the 45o combination sensors have been selected.



The numeric displays will be placed at the entrance enabling drivers to decide to which level to drive towards based on availability and destination.

Each level has a hidden area; the PGS will prevent drivers from venturing into these areas if the level is already displayed full.

As a new and modern shopping mall, the Rogovin mall management wishes to provide its patrons with a pleasant experience, starting from the very beginning, at the parking floor.

The Diamond Parking Guidance System was selected due to its high accuracy and IPI our Israeli partner is currently busy with the installation.



Parking guidance systems are gaining popularity. Even small suburban sites are installing these systems as they reduce parking time and add value to the property and to the patrons.




IMG_0190.jpgIMG_0191.jpgIMG_0192.jpgIMG_0193.jpgIMG_0194.jpgIMG_0195.jpgIMG_0196.jpgIMG_0197.jpgIMG_0198.jpgIMG_0199.jpgIMG_0200.jpgIMG_0201.jpgIMG_0202.jpgParking 1.jpgParking 2.jpgParking 3.jpgRogovin 1.jpgRogovin 2.jpgRogovin 3.jpgRogovin 4.jpg

Way Finding

Numeric 1.jpg


Detection 1.jpgDetection 2.jpgDetection 3.jpgDetection 4.jpgTwo bays converted to trolley park (2).jpg




45 Degrees sensor 1.jpg45 Degrees sensor 2.jpg45 Degrees sensor 3.jpg45 Degrees sensor 4.jpg45 Degrees sensor GRN.jpg45 Degrees sensor RED.jpg20160218_074103.jpg20160218_074202.jpg20160218_074312.jpgMan at work 1.jpgSensor Grn.jpgSensor Red.jpg

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