TevaHQ.jpgTeva is a medicine researcher and manufacturer conglomerate with branches and activities all around the globe. The Teva headquarters together with a large manufacturing facility is situated in Kefar-Saba Israel


Site details:

  • 390 parking bays, in two levels
  • 4 Numeric displays
  • 2 of - 100mm high digit
  • 2 of - 200mm high digit
  • 4 ZoneBuffers
  • 2 BlockBuffers
  • 6 Power supplies
  • ControlRoom Software
  • Due to the site geometry only split system is used


Motivation - The system is required for a few reasons as follows:


Teva offers its employees two parking areas:

  • Underground parking area in the basement of the management building.
  • Outdoors parking area across the road.

Parking is not allocated and is based on first come first served basis. Naturally every approaching employee will first venture into the covered area even if it is full, until such time that the security will notice and close it.

Employing Parking Guidance System provides real-time occupancy information enabling users to make a decision as they approach the site.


Added bays

The amount of parking hardly meets the needs of the site. With the parking Guidance System two dead end lanes have been introduced adding 6 bays. Not much, but at hardly any cost.


Over booking policy

The management requires accurate occupancy and activity statistics in order to manage its overbooking policy.

Teva selected the Diamond Parking Guidance System mainly due to its high accuracy and due to the other advantages that it offers.

IPI, our Israeli partner is currently busy with the installation.



  • Accurate occupancy information will guide approaching drivers and will reduce parking search time and effort.
  • 6 bays have been added by introducing dead-ends.
  • Occupancy statistics will give the management a tool to make an informed decision on overbooking policies.







Way Finding

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Men At Work

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Floor Plans


Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa