Intelligent swimming pool timing and management system

The PoolTIME is a Multi-Functional management system designed to improve the pool appearance while reducing the running costs.PoolTIME.jpg

The PoolTIME utilizes the patented RRPA, Random Run/Pause Algorithm, to control the pool pump. Under this control algorithm, the pump is run and paused for 30 to 40 random intervals per day. Each Run/Pause cycle runs 10 to 30 minutes.

This revolutionary control algorithm offers the following advantages:

  • The pump is running and circulating the water throughout the day. The short pause intervals do not allow for long settling time, dramatically reducing the algae build up.
  • The frequent, random Run/Pause intervals improve the pool cleaner randomness
    Facilitating better coverage of the pool.
  • In the occasional cases of the pool cleaner getting stuck in a corner or by steps,
    the next pause/ run cycle will most likely pull it away.

In addition, the PoolTIME offers more functionality

  • The Run/Pause time ratio is automatically adjusted by the water temperature for
    Optimal cleaning while saving costs throughout the seasons.
  • Manual toggle between Run and Pause modes for backwash operation.
  • Anti-Freeze operation – In the case of freezing condition, the Run/Pause control.
  • Logic automatically changes to maintain above freezing temperature in the pipes.
  • Utility friendly – the Run/Pause ratio can be reduced during peak consumption hours.
  • Soft start operation – The unit incorporates a SoftStarter, reducing mechanical and
    electrical stresses.
  • TripConnect functionality provides over and under voltage protection to the motor.
  • Overload protection, protecting against stall condition.
  • Lightning protection on all inputs and outputs.
  • Pool lights control – based on the location and the date, the PoolTIME calculates
  • The true daily Sunset/Sunrise times and controls the light output.
  • Bluetooth interface with smartphone App for full control and monitoring capabilities.


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Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa