Situated in the heart of the CBD of Istanbul, the Trump Tower hosts a shopping center, offices and residential sections.


The offices of ParkSistem are also situated in the building. Level –3 was chosen to host a pilot site to serve as a shop window for the Diamond PGS system in Turkey. The installation includes a variety of sensor indicator options:

  1. 45O Sensors.
  2. Split Octagonal Sensors with High brightness, 360O dome indicators.
  3. Split Octagonal Sensors with low power, RGB diffused 360O indicators.
  4. Split Trunking Sensors with low power, oval indicators.


Site details:

  • 300 public parking bays
  • 16 Numeric displays
  • 5 ZoneBuffers
  • 1 BlockBuffer
  • 5 Power supplies
  • Control room



The site was previously fitted with an older system which did not function properly. Having such a pilot will enable ParkSistem to demonstrate the variety that the Diamond PGS offers.

The site is full of obstacles making it very difficult to spot available space from the main driveways. It is extremely frustrating venturing into a lane, driving around just to discover that the lane is full.

Installing a Parking Guidance System with strategically placed way finding signs was the obvious solution.

  • Sign at the main entrance will advise drivers of the total available parking.
  • Signs at each entrance to each lane will advise the user of available parking at the respective lane, preventing the fruitless driving around and reducing frustration to nil.
  • Using our true bright 360O space indicators will insure high visibility.

Also, the management requires the statistical information in order to optimize the occupancy/price ratios.



  • Parking Guidance System is used to guide drivers to areas with available parking, reducing frustration, and creating happy customers.
  • Statistical information will enable the management to improve occupancy/cost ratio.



45 Degree Sensor

1 45Deg Sensor Blue.jpg2 45Deg Sensor Green.jpg3 45Deg Sensor red.jpg45Deg Detection 1.jpg45Deg Parking 1.jpg45Deg Parking 2.jpg45Deg Parking 3.jpg45Deg Parking 4.jpg45Deg Parking 5.jpg

Split Octagonal Sensor

Split Oct Detection 1.jpgSplit Oct Detection 2.jpgSplit Oct Detection 4.jpgSplit Oct Parking 1.jpgSplit Oct Parking 2.jpgSplit Oct Parking 3.jpgSplit Oct Parking 4.jpgSplit Oct Parking 5.jpgSplit Oct Parking 6.jpgSplit Oct Parking 7.jpgSplit Oct Parking 8.jpgSplit Oct Parking 9.jpgSplit Oct Parking 10.jpg

Men At Work

Man at work Ali.jpgMan at work Ergin.jpgMan at work Esmail.jpg

Way Finding

Numeric 1.jpg

Floor Plans

TrumpTower -3.Jpg


Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa