Established in 1871 by the Templers, the Sarona colony was the fourth settlement of this German society in the holy-land. The Sarona colony was unique to the area with its European architecture and standard.

During the one and a half centuries since its establishment the Sarona colony went through rich history. From being an agricultural settlement to becoming a British army baracks, Government offices and broadcasting services center.

Today the Sarona colony has been developed to be a main attraction combining old and new.



The old restored buildings accommodate a variety of specialty shops, restaurants and galleries nested amongst walkways, water features, playgrounds and gardens.




Next to the picturesque colony, rises a modern complex of three towers with residential apartments, offices and shopping market.



The complex has 1200 underground parking bays of which 411 are for public use.


Site details

  • 411 parking bays, in three levels..
  • 8 Numeric displays
  • 6 ZoneBuffers
  • 3 BlockBuffers
  • 6 Power supplies
  • Control room

The numeric displays will be placed at the entrance to each level, and at entry points to deadened areas, giving the driver occupancy information regarding the various options on each level.



The Sarona colony Tower is situated in an area where parking is a rare commodity. Introducing deadened areas enabled the designer to maximize the floor utilization..

Installing Parking Guidance System is a must in such cases in order to provide accurate guidance and prevent unnecessary reversing from full areas.

The Diamond Parking Guidance System was selected due to its high accuracy and IPI our Israeli partner is currently busy with the installation.



  • Parking guidance system enables optimal design of parking floor.
  • High accuracy system is vital when introducing deadened areas.




Parking1.jpgParking2.jpgParking3.jpgParking4.jpgParking5.jpgParking6.jpgParking7.jpgParking8.jpgParking9.jpgParking10.jpgParking11.jpgParking12.jpgSarona 1.jpgSarona 2.jpgSarona 3.jpg


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