Situated in the heart Sandton, Johannesburg’s most prestigious business district, the 90 Grayston building accommodates some of South Africa’s largest financial institutions.


Site details 

  • 489 parking bays, in two 6 levels
  • 11 Numeric displays
  • 5 ZoneBuffers
  • 1 BlockBuffers
  • 12 Power supplies
  • Control room




After the entrance and a short drive the driver reaches a circular type, descending down driveway through the lower parking levels.

Each level, with two main parking halls and a nested area.


It is extremely frustrating driving down only to find that the levels ahead are full. The driver must then drive back, even reverse part of the way. Added to this issue, venturing into any of the nested areas would certainly be one of taking chance as the parking bays are not visible from the driveway.

Installing a Parking Guidance System was the obvious solution.

  • Signs at the main entrance will advise drivers of the total available parking.
  • Signs at each entrance will advise on available parking in all the levels ahead, preventing guesswork and taking chances finding parking and at the same time reducing frustration to nil.
  • Signs at the entrance to each nested area will advise on the availability of parking within.

The Diamond Parking Guidance System was selected, mainly due to its accuracy and due to its neat appearance, which meets with the site’s standards.

Also, the management requires the statistical information in order to optimize the allocation of parking to available bays ratio.

EOH, our South African partner, is currently busy with the installation.


  • Parking Guidance System is used to guide drivers to areas with available parking, reducing frustration.
  • Statistical information will enable the management to improve occupancy/cost ratio.




Parking 1.jpgParking 2.jpgParking 3.jpgParking 4.jpgParking 5.jpgParking 6.jpgParking 7.jpgParking 8.jpgParking 9.jpgParking 10.jpgParking 11.jpgParking 12.jpgParking 13.jpgParking 22.jpgParking 33.jpgParking 111.jpg


Installation 1.jpgInstallation 2.jpgInstallation 3.jpgInstallation 4.jpgInstallation 5.jpgInstallation 6.jpgSensor - Green.jpgSensor Grn.jpg

Way Finding

Sign 1.jpgSign 2.jpgWay finding - External 200mm Numeric display.jpgWay finding - Numeric display 1.jpgWay finding - Numeric display 2.jpgWay finding - Numeric display 3.jpg


Detection 1- Car taking two bays.jpgDetection 2 - Motorbike.jpg


Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa