The Atidim tower is a brand new building in a crowded business hub in the center of Tel Aviv with 37 story of office space and 5 levels of underhand parking. The Atidim tower will be the home for some of the largest insurance companies in Israel as well as for some banking and general comers offices.


Site details:

  • 1480 parking bays, in five levels
  • 28 Numeric displays
  • 15 ZoneBuffers
  • 5 BlockBuffers
  • 15 Power supplies
  • Control room

 Due to the site geometry, some of the bays will have combo sensor/indicator and some will have split system.

The numeric displays will be placed at the entrance to each level, giving the driver occupancy information regarding the various options on each level.



 The Atidim Tower is situated in an area where parking is a rare commodity. The amount of parking will hardly meet the needs of the tenants.

  • Due to the anticipated activity and the need to meet the need, a careful overbooking policy will be needed.
  • The management decided to close a few passages in order utilize the space as extra parking. By doing so, 10 dead ends have been created.

Installing a Parking Guidance System was the obvious solution.

The Diamond Parking Guidance System was selected and IPI our Israeli partner is currently busy with the installation.



  • Occupancy statistics will give the management a tool to make an informed decision on overbooking policies.
  • 60 parking bays have been added.




atid2.jpgDSC00279.jpgDSC00423.jpgDSC00424.jpgDSC00499.jpgDSC00500.jpgDSC00502.jpgDSC00503.jpgDSC00549.jpgDSC00551.jpgDSC00558.jpgDSC00559.jpgDSC00560.jpgDSC00923 general.jpgDSC00924 general.jpgDSC00932 general.jpgParking entance.jpg


atid1.jpgatid3.jpgatid4.jpgDSC00281.jpgDSC00285.jpgDSC00554.jpgDSC00555.jpgInstallation in progress1.jpgRoman is adjusting the trunking.jpgUri is closing the trunking.jpg


Detection.jpgDetection2.jpgLook who's parkingWide vehicle.JPG

Floor plans


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