Joint Ventures Electronic Services is a contract manufacturer in the sense that most of our products are manufactured to customer specifications and are marketed by our customers.  However, JVES is different from other contract manufacturers due to the fact that we have developed most of the products that we manufacture.

This makes our service far superior and vastly broader than other contract manufacturers as we have the in-depth knowledge of all our products and engineering skills to quickly answer any production problem and further develop, modify and expand on any of our products.

JVES' activity ranges from the definition of the products through the development and validation of the products until the production phase.

 This range of activity makes us the first choice for:

  • Customers who are outside the electronics industry
  • Customers who are involved with the electronics field but don't have an in-house engineering department
  • Customers who have an engineering facility but need to relief workload

In most cases the following route was followed:

  • We are presented with a product or idea or need
  • We then assess whether the product has got merit to it and that it is within our scope of activity
  • We verify that the customer has got a prospective market and distribution capability
  • Most of our customers know what they need but cannot spec it properly
  • We spec the product with the customer and provide them with a budgeted quote for:
    • The development cost
    • The final product cost
  • The development cost is generally a very low cost-covering cost.  The cost has nothing to do with the complexity of the product or its size.  we may even not charge at all.  However, in all cases JVES has got equity in the product.
  • Once development is done, we manufacture the product

This business model works very well for both parties.  The fact that we fave equity in the product ensures our ongoing, acute interest in the product:

  • We maximize the product features during development and make sure it meets or exceeds all expectations
  • We minimise the product cost with added engineering efforts to make it as competitive as possible
  • As it often happens, product specifications do change during development and even during production.  JVES, due to our interest in the product, supports the product and all future upgrades are done, in most cases, at no cost

Our factory occupies over 1000m2 of floor area and includes the following:

  • R&D department
  • Automated SMD assembly department
  • Manual leaded components assembly department
  • Graphic department with digital printer and laminator
  • Automated wire cutting and stripping facility
  • Test facilities

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Our products are developed and manufactured in South Africa